Martin Breeze AUSTRALIA
Martin Breeze is a visual artist and a singer/songwriter based in Melbourne. His art is bold and energetic, and his canvasses manifestations of flow and expression without rules and boundaries. "My art is all abstract. I am fascinated by it because it affords me the opportunity to avoid trying to imitate the world around me or to focus on replicating any fixed objects," Martin said. "Life has so many boundaries, and restrictions and abstract art allows me to let go and see where [the flow] takes me. I am in love with not knowing what will become of the blank canvas!". Martin has a background as a musician, but his search for 'letting go' and allowing creativity to completely take over, has led him to paint. He works with larger-scale acrylic canvasses that are expressive, energetic and very personal. While music for him has been bound by the chosen instruments, the tempo, the vocals and lyrics, visual art has offered a detachment from the confines. Read more...

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