Sheree Smith AUSTRALIA

Sheree Smith lives in Jervis Bay, on the beautiful South Coast of NSW, and started painting to carve out some time for herself, as a means of self-care and personal growth. Sheree’s career exposed her to vicarious trauma, working with people with complex needs. Her art practice become a mindfulness exercise for her, a form of art therapy. Sheree’s work explores the simplicity of repetitive mark-making, capturing moments in time. Lines of experiences, adventures and explorations that are etched into our memories. Each stroke represents a distinct moment, a recollection, or an emotion, contributing to the depth and meaning of her work. Her playful abstract works are fun, bright, and full of happiness. She enjoys working with vibrant palettes that infuse joy and brightens up spaces with the power of colour and simplicity.

Sheree Smith authorises Artist Lane to produce open edition art prints. Carefully curated, each artwork is a reproduced giclée print or canvas suitable for your home decor and wall art needs. Learn more about Sheree Smith here.