Holly McLennan-Brown AUSTRALIA
Holly McLennan-Brown is a proud Aboriginal woman and has always had so much pride in her family, her country and her culture. Creativity was always encouraged so strongly in her home by her mum growing up. Her family celebrates and admires art so greatly and she feels lucky to be surrounded by people whose values are so aligned with hers. Holly’s art is gentle and soft spoken, it makes people perceptive to conversations that may not have been had before. She loves the curiosity it encourages, how it opens minds to more. She loves that it promotes more education which turns to understanding. Painting allows her to transform the feeling of happiness and love into a physical form of matter. Holly McLennan-Brown authorises Artist Lane to produce open edition art prints. Carefully curated, each artwork is a reproduced giclée print or canvas suitable for your home decor and wall art needs. Learn more about Holly McLennan-Brown here.