Lydia Ben-Natan AUSTRALIA
Lydia Lauwers has exhibited extensively in both Melbourne and Sydney since moving to Melbourne in 2001. She now resides in Beaufort, Victoria, where she works part-time as an Art Therapist and the remainder of her time is dedicated to her own art practice. Lydia paints very raw and lush landscapes that flow in and out of abstraction. Her works have a strong sense of direction and an element of intrigue that invite a closer look. They are inspired by nature but derived purely from her imagination and the artistic processes she employs. It is her combined use of bold, gestural brush strokes, palette knife and dripping techniques that define her signature style. Lydia Ben-Natan authorises Artist Lane to produce open edition art prints. Carefully curated, each artwork is a reproduced giclée print or canvas suitable for your home decor and wall art needs. Learn more about Lydia Ben-Natan here.