Kristyna Dostalova

February 9, 2023 by Artist Lane

Q. How did you start your artistic journey?
My journey has been a colourful and ever-evolving one.
I grew up in the Czech Republic in a small town that was rather depressing. I found solace in creating colourful pieces of art as a way to escape the dreariness of my surroundings.

My mother saw my talent and encouraged me to continue by signing me up for junior art school. Though I continued to paint recreationally as a teenager, I never thought that I would be able to pursue it as a professional career.

When I moved to Australia in 2013, everything changed. I was inspired by the colours and beauty of this amazing country, particularly the rich landscapes, vibrant flora, and diverse fauna. I began to pour out this inspiration onto canvas. It’s as if being in Australia finally gave me the permission to fully embrace my passion for art. 

Q. How would you describe your artistic style?
I hesitate to define myself only as an abstract artist since I love to paint anything that inspires me, but my style is likely described as abstract. I love that there are no rules with abstract. I can dive deep into the colours and textures without any regard to what I’m ‘meant’ to do. There is no right and no wrong; it’s freedom and I just follow my hand.

Q. What inspires you to be creative? Is there a certain place you go for inspiration?
A. I would say that my passion for nature walks, hikes,
and adventure is probably my greatest creative inspiration. I am in love with mountains and deep tropical forests, but since moving to Sydney, I have grown to love the ocean and its diverse marine life even more. I find that being in the natural world, surrounded by the beauty and diversity of the environment, sparks my creativity and allows me to tap into my imagination. 

Q. What is your favourite colour? Does it describe
you as a person?

A. My favourite colour is blue; it makes me feel calm and at peace. I also love how it can be paired with gold to create a
serene and soothing atmosphere. However, I don’t hesitate to use any colour, as I usually use my intuition with the
colour palette and depending on how I feel the day when
I create art.

My goal as an artist is to create art that evokes feelings of warmth and happiness in the people who view it. I believe
that colour plays a significant role in this, and I strive to use
a palette that will elicit the desired emotions in the viewer.
I am drawn to the tranquility and serenity that the colour
blue evokes.

Q. What artists influence you?
Those who are brave and don’t follow just art trends but rather create art that is true to themselves. I am inspired
by anyone that has a strong sense of self and a unique
vision for their art. Additionally, I look up to contemporary artists that push the boundaries of the genre and creating something truly unique. 

Q. What do you do to get your creative juices flowing?
When I experience an artist block (which thankfully is
not too often!) I find that going out into nature helps to reignite my inspiration. The natural world is a boundless source of inspiration for me, with its varied landscapes, colour palettes, and ever-changing beauty. I find that simply being in nature, observing the world around me, and taking in the sights and sounds, can help to open my mind and get my creative juices flowing.

Q. If you had a chance to live during a different artistic
movement other than now, which one would you choose
and why?

A. Most likely the Impressionist movement of the late 19th
century; Monet, Renoir, and Degas have always been a source of inspiration for me. Their ability to capture light and play with colour in such a masterful way using the technology and techniques available at the time is truly awe-inspiring. The use of loose brushstrokes and the emphasis on capturing the momentary effect of light are elements I often incorporate into my own art today. I particularly love to use the colours and changing hues of the sunrise and sunset in my work.

Q. You are originally from a small town in Czech Republic, and you described it as ‘depressing and drab’…did you use your art as a form of escapism?
A. As a child, I was very aware of the monotony and lack
of natural beauty in my surroundings. The grey block
houses and lack of greenery were quite depressing,
brutalist. However, I found beauty in the changing seasons and I always spent time at the local park, which was always stunning and very different depending on the season. I think that my art served as a form of escapism for me, a way to escape my surroundings and to explore my imagination and creativity. It allowed me to see the world in a different light and to find beauty in unexpected places.

Q. In what ways has immersing yourself in the Australian culture and environment influenced your art?
A. The unique and diverse landscape of Australia, from
the rugged beauty of the outback to the vibrant colours of the Great Barrier Reef, has provided a constant source of inspiration for my work.

The culture of Australia is also very open-minded and laid back, which has allowed me to be more free and expressive in my art.  The spiritual connection I have with this land has also played a big role in my art as it has allowed me to

tap into my emotions and inner thoughts. I have travelled around the world and seen many different cultures and landscapes, but the connection I have with Australia is the strongest. It’s where I feel most inspired and at home.

Q. What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt on
your journey as an artist?

A. To listen to my feelings and follow them. I have learned
to trust my intuition and not to rush into making decisions.
I understand that sometimes it’s better to take a step back
and sleep on it, and come back later with a fresh perspective. I have also learned the importance of being true to myself and creating what makes me happy and what I want to create, rather than following trends. Ultimately, I have learned it is important to be proud of my work and to create pieces that align with my personal values and aesthetic.

Q. Do your artworks convey a specific emotion or message?
My art is heavily influenced by nature, and many of my
pieces feature landscapes or natural elements, meant to
evoke feelings of connection and inspiration. I also strive to
be authentic and true to myself in my art, so the emotions
and messages conveyed in my work are often personal and
reflective of my own experiences and perspectives.

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