Miss Moresby

June 29, 2023 by Artist Lane

Sarah Rowe, known as ‘Miss Moresby’ is a talented
artist specialising in textile design and oil painting. With
a background in fine art she finds beauty in everyday objects and incorporates them into her artwork.

Sarah’s vibrant and bold artistic style is characterised by organic botanic shapes and abstract motifs. Inspired by her surroundings and the patterns she encounters, she creates pieces that reflect her unique perspective. 

Whether working with textiles or paint, Sarah’s creativity
knows no bounds as she seamlessly transitions between
mediums. Through her art, Sarah strives to explore the
interplay of colours and patterns to create visually
captivating compositions. 

With her artistic versatility and dedication to her craft,
Sarah Rowe continues to leave a lasting impression in
the art world as Miss Moresby. 

Q: Could you share the story behind the name “Miss Moresby” and how it came to represent your brand?
The word Moresby comes from the street (Moresby St) that I grew up on in Adelaide, and I lived there for the first 21 years of my life. So it’s quite nostalgic and special to me. I really like the idea of having a pseudonym so I’ve chosen Miss Moresby for my art business!

Q: How have the different locations you have lived in impacted your artistic style or creative approach?
A: I don’t know! When I was living at Eltham, you’d think my style would be more botanic, but it wasn’t! It was more abstract. Now I’m living in East Brunswick I’m walking my dogs twice a day and I’m always noticing the shape of a particular leaf, or a certain tree, or the flowers in people’s front yard at any given time of the year, and I do think that influences what I paint.

Q: Can you share examples of patterns from your
everyday environment that has an impact on your art? How do you translate it into your artistic medium?
Patterns come from everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open. It doesn’t need to be regular things like tiles, there are all sorts of things that can fire up my imagination. There is a house that I go past quite often
that has a really old wrought iron fence that is constructed using stone pillars.

Q: Can you explain how you create your artworks using paint, collage, and layering techniques to achieve a
fabric-like appearance?
A: I like the idea of using a very painterly method when I paint, which just means that I like to be able to see each brushstroke. I’m not big on flatness, instead I like there to be bumps and notches, because its paint! I guess the way
I apply paint lends itself to being similar to other textures.

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