October 5, 2023 by Artist Lane

Lizzie Alsop is an artist whose creative journey began on
a farm, sketching the natural world around her. In 2008, she transitioned into professional artistry, leaving behind
a nursing career. Self-taught and continually learning, Lizzie believes that creativity is innate in all humans. Her contemporary style blends abstract forms with botanical elements, often incorporating hidden words and feelings beneath the paint’s layers.

Her recent focus on geometric abstracts showcases
her deep connection to nature’s colors and patterns, creating art that effortlessly enhances any interior. Throughout her journey, she’s embraced the advice to fearlessly pursue her artistic passions, making each creation a unique and captivating expression of joy, nurturing, and grounding, a reminder to open our eyes
to the beauty of the world.

Q. Do your sketches serve as the starting point for
your artworks?
I believe that my sketches are primarily for my own

benefit. They essentially serve as a personal journal, a creative outlet that holds a special place in my morning routine. Sketching in the morning acts as a warm-up exercise, preparing me for a productive day in the studio.
It helps me tap into my creative flow, setting the tone
for the day.

One of the great things about these sketches is that they are exclusively for my enjoyment; there’s no external judgment involved. It’s a liberating experience where I can create without concern for what others might think or say. In essence, these sketches are my personal sanctuary, my form of meditation, a gentle way to kickstart the day with
a sense of creative fulfillment and joy.

Q: You mentioned that your artwork is an expression of
your environment and emotions. How do you translate these emotions into visual elements?

A: That’s a great question. When it comes to translating
my emotions and thoughts into visuals, I achieve this through a combination of mark-making, color selection, shape, and size. However, I also incorporate words and feelings into my artwork. This might relate to a previous question you asked, but I often embed specific words or sentiments beneath the layers of paint, especially when
I’m working on a commission.

Clients sometimes request particular words or phrases
to be woven into the painting, infusing it with a specific emotion or message. Essentially, it’s about imbuing the artwork with a feeling and extending positive intentions
to whoever eventually acquires it.

So, in essence, this process helps set the overall vibe of
the piece. Writing words serves as the initial step in the creation of the painting. When faced with a blank canvas,
I find it helpful to start by jotting down these words, which then guide my subsequent brushwork. Therefore, in most cases, I do begin with this practice of writing words and intentions, as it helps establish the mood and purpose
of the artwork.

Sometimes, the words I incorporate convey a message intended for the future owner of the artwork. Other times, clients specifically request certain words or phrases to
be included in the painting, such as blessings for a house. This, in a way, transforms the painting into a vessel of positive energy. Starting with words on a blank canvas
can be a reassuring way to begin the creative process, as
it adds depth and intention before the paint starts to flow.