Sarah Leslie

July 26, 2023 by Artist Lane

Sarah Leslie is an artist whose journey into the world
of art began at a young age. Encouraged by her parents, she started drawing and exploring various art forms, eventually leading her to study graphic design in University. After having children, Sarah rekindled her passion for fine arts and painting, creating a unique style that blends her design background with deep layering and sophisticated use of colors.

Her artistic style is rooted in nature and the botanical world, inspired by her childhood memories of travelling through landscapes. Sarah’s artwork reflects her interpretation of nature, providing viewers with fleeting glimpses and moments captured in layers and organic shapes.

Achieving delicate and subtle layers in her abstract artwork, Sarah combines acrylic and oil layers, creating transparent ovoids that represent light and direct the viewer’s eye within the composition.

When not creating art, Sarah finds joy in exploring mid-century furniture stores and cherishes spending time with her family at home or in her beloved second home, Bali, Indonesia.

Throughout her artistic journey, Sarah has learned the value of trusting her instincts and embracing the freedom to take risks and make mistakes, which has enriched her creativity and artistic expression.

Q: How would you define your artistic style and what makes it unique?
A: My artistic style is very much rooted in my design background. My colours although they’re bright, and joyful, and warm, they’re also quite sophisticated with careful placement. Colours are a strong part of the composition on every piece. There is also deep layering, with most pieces having probably between nine and twelve layers. I start with acrylic paint runs as the background a lot of the time, and then build up from there. And it can go in any direction. But I love playing with positive and negative space as well, so you’re never quite sure which layer is on top. I’m always kind of playing with the eye of the viewer, playing with space, playing with light and playing with colour.

Q: How does your art reflect your interpretation of
the botanical world around you?
A: The reason my theme is rooted in nature and the botanical world is from travelling across the Nullarbor every single year from being a young child. I would just gaze out the window and just lose hours staring at the landscape and I think that’s always amazed me that you can get lost in it and it can transport you to another world. There’s something very powerful about nature and our connection to it. For me, my artwork is almost like
you’re travelling in a car, you’re getting small glimpses
of things, pieces of things, but never an entire story. I’m trying to convey a perspective or a moment caught up in the in the different layers and organic shapes.

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