Miss Moresby AUSTRALIA

Sarah Rowe, known as 'Miss Moresby' is a talented artist specialising in textile design and oil painting. With a background in fine art she finds beauty in everyday objects and incorporates them into her artwork. Sarah's vibrant and bold artistic style is characterised by organic botanic shapes and abstract motifs. Inspired by her surroundings and the patterns she encounters, she creates pieces that reflect her unique perspective. Whether working with textiles or paint, Sarah's creativity knows no bounds as she seamlessly transitions between mediums. Through her art, Sarah strives to explore the interplay of colours and patterns to create visually captivating compositions. With her artistic versatility and dedication to her craft, Sarah Rowe continues to leave a lasting impression in the art world as Miss Moresby. Miss Moresby authorises Artist Lane to produce open edition art prints. Carefully curated, each artwork is a reproduced giclée print or canvas suitable for your home decor and wall art needs. Learn more about Miss Moresby here.