May 12, 2022 by Artist Lane

Q. How would you describe your artistic style?
How has it evolved over time?
My influence is from John Coburn who in turn was
influenced by no other than Henri Matisse. The style
is hardline, figurative with representational decorative

Q. Where do you draw your inspiration from?
A. The inspiration is taken from nature with its
unmatched form. The aim is to create a decorative
and appealing composition so as to enhance interiors,
therefore, enriching the well being of its occupants.

Q. Do you have a playlist or podcast you like to listen to
when creating art?
Thanks to Apple Music and Bluetooth, music is always my companion when creating. I prefer classics, especially Mozart but my playlists can be anything from Jazz Chill to ZZ Top.

Q. How do you fit your art around life?
A. I paint every day. My studio is located at the back of a
Cafe and Eat strip on Sydney’s lower North Shore. It’s full
of natural light and I’m lucky to have a courtyard at the rear to enjoy my passion for plant forms. I have regular weekly groups attending art classes, team building and just the joy of creating art. 

Q. How do you engage with local, national and
international artists?

A. My favourite International artist is Picasso, I visited the
Musée Picasso in Paris and the Château Grimaldi in Antibes. My favourite Australian artist is Brett Whitely his home in Lavendar Bay is just minutes from my studio. 

Q. Where did you learn your technique?
In creating my art, the gift is in imagining, then, seeing
in my mind’s eye the finished composition. The ability is
in my developed brush control along with experience in
colour management and composition to create the piece.
My technique is from my natural ability to draw and working for years in the creation of graphics for corporate clients such as Gloria Jeans Coffee, Virgin Music and Billabong.

Q. If you could only live with 3 items, what would they be?
Our DH5 dining room light, the Noguchi coffee table and
our collection of Bittosi ceramics. 

Q. Why these specific items?
I am very interested in and focused on interior design,
particularly the Mid Century style. 

Q. Where do you exhibit your artwork?
I have exhibited at Soho Gallery in Woollahra, Sydney,
as well as a solo exhibition at the then Platform 72 Gallery
in the art precinct of Chippendale Sydney. Thrilled to say
we even sold a piece to a walk-in as we were hanging the
exhibition day before opening.

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